A Walking Google-Being

PhD, Strategist, Behaviourist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychologist and Single Mum

Zoë came from a family where further education was not expected but now with a son too and subsequently divorced, Zoë’s incredible intelligence shone through as she discovered guided self-help and personal improvement through education. Before long she had won a scholarship to complete a Doctorate in organisational and behavioural change.

In order to continue her education and support her young family, she also had to work; during this time she took a local car dealership to number one in the country through her positioning and change consultancy, at just 26 years old.

Zoë stayed on as a lecturer at Bradford School of Management when it was still regarded as one of the best business schools in the world and ranked 4th in Europe, but before long she had been encouraged to join IBM where she rose rapidly to become one of their 12 Global Change Ambassadors.

Zoë is a philanthropist. Whilst successful in big corporate and having repeatedly delivered for a wide range of clients she left to work with the little guys. Her thirst for knowledge had driven her to draw from many additional disciplines to assist the behavioural change of individuals as well as organisations. Her intelligence, sensitivity and intuition coupled with her prolific efforts (about to complete her 4th book) soon made her a master of this extension to her formal learning.

Given the opportunity to travel less, still a single parent of teenage children she was presented with the chance to help others through a new business but just before launch and at the start of the recession, European funding was removed and her investors pulled the remaining flow of funding.

For a while Zoë struggled, and learned many hard lessons. She took a journey of self discovery and emerged to continue her work on behavioural turnaround both of individuals, leaders in organisations and small businesses.

She has an amazing track record of delivering business growth through her strategic advice and positioning; her passion for the individual has helped her transform the lives of many others as her case histories aptly demonstrate.

Zoë is a formidable lady (she was nominated inspirational woman of Bradford at the age of 27) but she is very down to earth, sensitive and supportive. Highly intelligent she not only has the skills, knowledge and attitudes to be successful on behalf of others but she has the life experience which keeps things real.


Work with her and you will feel the passion and feel the love. You will be transformed and sometimes you will not know how or why things just got so much easier. The truth is, it will be because on your side you now have a master in her art who makes those small tweaks, those little changes that seem so insignificant but mean so much and impact so far.

Dr Zoe DJ Mindologists
Doctorate Graduation with Dad 2003
Zoe DJ Building Strength
Teaching Business in Bali 2015
Strength & Balance Covid-19 2020
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