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Mental Health Training and Development 

The Mental Health SOS Code

You don't know what you don't know!

Keep everyone you respect and love safe; including yourself. This is our flag flying service for impacting and improving the Mental Health of every single person in the world.

What we've discovered through our private practice over the last decade, is the lack of knowledge and 'know-how' of the supporters of those suffering mentally and emotionally. The wrong approach, the use of trigger words all from a lack of knowing can cause more harm - when only really meant with love!

Together we MUST and we can change that, which is why we have developed The SOS Code™ our one day mental health training programme completely FREE of charge.


No one should be guessing how to help; it's simply unfair to everyone. We will develop you into 'practical psychologists and healers' jargon free and incredibly effective.

This is available to any organisation that knows its people and their people will benefit.


Don't risk suffering as a supporter!


Elite Performance Specialists

Just like outsourcing IT in the 90's; leave it to the professionals and stay focussed on what you do best.

Working with Mindologists as a Strategic Partner, we bring you professional Performance Support Services, right to your workplace.

Despite our best efforts, as individuals, as humans; we can never separate ourselves from ourselves. We cannot just put life down like a bag just because we've turned up to work. It's not that simple, but nor does it need to be complex.

We take the complexity out of Mindset and Performance needs at work. No more piece meal offerings and support, no more guessing what to do for the best. Simple, cost effective and value added solution to putting your people and their mental health and well-being first.

Our pioneering outsourced solutions quickly shows you how to increase value in your greatest asset; your people and then returns that value through reduced presenteeism, improvement retention and performance, and more.

Mindset and mental health at work no longer needs to be a cost on the bottom-line, realise the true value of your people, through their performance when you add value right to the heart and mind of their matter.

Book a FREE consultation and we will guide you to your best solution, customised just for your business. 


Performance Coaching

Whole system and mindset balancing.

Keep yourself and your mindset focussed and strong! At Mindologists our aim is to bring out the natural and authentic highs in people. To help them feel alive and valuable again. We engage and guide each individual back to a sense of purpose and fulfilment to reach their fullest potential and be the best they can be in their role and at work.

We offer coaching on a 1-2-1 and 1-2-many basis.

Trust us; you will know when that energy has shifted and focus has returned- then watch the results speak for themselves.

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