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Living life on purpose or a programme?

I know most of us are familiar with the term 'auto-pilot' and will have experienced it at some some point, maybe even you're frequently living like that or for some; mostly. I also expect we are all aware of our habits and routines and probably all know that we have one or two. But what happens when you mix these together? What happens if you've fallen into an auto-pilot trap of living a programme and not a purpose?

"Habits; the body knows how to do it better than the (conscious) mind ... " Dr. Joe Dispenza

When we create routine behaviours, these become the programmes we operate on. Like any other machine operating, the brain is the same, some is programmed (learned) and some isn't. As Dr. Joe Dispenza suggests, some people operate in a way that have 'lost free will to a programme'. That is to say, you are no longer consciously engaged or choosing your life path, what you do or how you do it. You kind of get 'stuck' you just exist, free of decision or change.

Are you aware how much of your life has become stuck in a routine, operating on a programme; much like a record being stuck, playing over and over again, without conscious thought or adjustment. This is not even acceptance of how life is, it's more than that, it's complete unconscious acceptance!

We often go through periods of living our lives in such fixed mental states and many of us don't even notice; until we do!

When we realise we're not living our life on purpose (given away by noticing something is missing or feeling unfulfilled), but on a self-imposed or externally designed set of conditional programmes. All gathered through life, from school, parents, society, social media, the workplace and just about all in your living environment. We then begin to question what needs to change and how much control we have to create that change to develop the feelings we wish to feel.

Here's an 11 minute video that will definitely interrupt your mental programme and 'break state'. Change your mental attitude from where you are in life, love and career and consciously dare to ask questions like - "is this for me?"

Click here to watch Dr. Joe give an insight on 'living life on a programme' and how to make small changes to how you live, behave and feel.

Let us know your thoughts or even your stories email and share with us what have you consciously changed in your daily routine, habit or programme for the better?


Kindest DJx

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