The SOS Code™ 

Conquer Your Mental Health Awareness Training & Employee Assistance Programme

The SOS Code™ Mental Health Awareness Training 

We didn't choose to become supporters; we were chosen by those we love suffering internally.

Keep everyone you respect and love safe; including yourself. This is our flag flying service for impacting and improving the Mental Health of every single person in the world.

What we've discovered through our private practice over the last decade, is the lack of knowledge, understanding and 'know-how' of the supporters of those suffering mentally and emotionally. The wrong approach or the use of trigger words, all from a lack of knowing, can cause more harm - when only really meant with love!


Together we MUST and we WILL change that, which is why we have developed this one day training.


No one should be guessing how to help; it's simply unfair to everyone and quite frankly 'harmful'. We will develop you into 'practical psychologists and healers' jargon free and incredibly effective.

This is available to any organisation that knows its people and their people will benefit.


Don't risk suffering as a supporter!

The SOS Code™ Mental Health First Aid Cert with Embedded Learning & Annual Membership

You don't know what you don't know!

Our training will take you on a journey through the mind. It will grow your awareness and provide you with practical, easy to grasp understanding of how the mind works and why it sometimes suffers as it does.


While you grasp an understanding of how the mind works mechanically  introduce you to a variety of tools, techniques and interventions that anyone can apply, when faced with someone suffering internally.

The course is participant lead, very interactive and based on real life examples to help you get to grips, build confidence and competency to deal with those suffering with mental ill-health.

Want to Certify your new mental health training?


To certify in The SOS Code for Mental Health First Aid you must commit to 42 days of virtual training, which is experiential learning based and starts 14 days before the LIVE training day, then continues remotely for a further 4 weeks. NB - this is NOT 42 full days, it's training that spans that time

The SOS Code embedded Learning is a 42 Day Supporters Programme that provides you with a powerful on-boarding process, where awareness in-built and interventions are put immediately into practice. This provides a full experiential and action learning approach. It more readily increases the participant's confidence and ability to support others suffering.

Additionally, as part of The SOS Code Mental Health Awareness Certificate you will welcomed to a rapidly growing online Supporters Community by Mindologists platform, accessible on the move at the touch of an APP. This will keep you informed, resourceful and supported as a none professional supporter, along with community of other trained supporters in mental health. 

The platform is packed with resources, monitored and supported by Mindologists and provides a confidential place to share private stories and ask for help and guidance with those you're currently supporting. A real none practitioner guide and resource, where you can feel safe and not alone. 


The SOS Code Mental Health Awareness Day is suitable for any organisation of any size. Any individual over 16 who would like to improve their awareness and learn how to more effectively support someone suffering internally, please email or check our public events to book your place. 

















*NB For corporate clients who want to improve their mental health at work compliance, demonstrating a real return on investment of time, we provide an annual programme of online and virtual support.


Our annual programme is wrapped around a comprehensive and interactive 42 day Supporters Programme with an outsourced professional support unit. This allows trained members to grow their confidence in effectively supporting people with mental health at work. Furthermore, it ensures they continue to embed their learnings from The SOS Code training day, have professional Mindologists on hand to reach out too, in between refreshing their learning, over the year. 

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