What is a Mindologist? 

Taking Responsibility for Mental Health

Mindologists really are the geeks of people thinking, behaviour and mindset transformation. We deliver on the whole spectrum of Mental Health from shifting severe negative mindsets in our private practices, to enabling and developing high performing ones, individually and in large numbers, through our outsourced support service.

Whilst there's been a rapid development over the last three decades in self-help and professional support, such as psychoanalysts and counsellors, these have tended to be problem or issue based only - to fix a problem. We firmly believe that your mental health is something to maintain and proactively support, not just fix.

Never before has Mental Health been so under the spotlight, yet it is still one of the most under-invested areas of human functioning, especially in the workplace. This is mostly due to confusion about what is and is not Mental Health, but a lack of understanding of where responsibility sits to improve it.


Client Lead Transformation, Exceeding Expectations One Individual at a Time

Mental Health is often perceived as a negative term that costs money, but it doesn't have to be that way. Get your Mental Health right and everything changes for the better! As the 'stigma' around Mental Health reduces, Leaders and individual high performers are starting to value new approaches to building strong mental health. In the workplace, it is now difficult to say why you wouldn't invest in your greatest asset; your people. 

Stick to what you do best and let Mindologists look after your Mental Health at work.


A Mindologist is a hybrid practitioner trained in techniques and disciplines from many schools of thought ensuring we provide a whole system perspective and approach to your physical, physiological and psychological self. Collectively, as Mindologists we are constantly researching and refining how we influence, shift, motivate and impact meaningful and positive change to a person's thinking, doing and being.


Mindologists embrace a true 'client lead' perspective, ensuring we are never stifled by fixed external standards or general market data, to deliver a unique mental health support service. With Mindologists it really is 'all about you'. 


In delivery, we proactively and often subliminally guide the 'how' part of people transformation, guided by your unique data inputs gathered through our Mood App to impact both individual and organisational wide mindset shifts. Blending our expertise with purpose built technology, we actively listen to generate a true awareness and understanding of your current and future performance needs, then deliver customised services to meet them. 


Investing in your mental health is like a great nutritional and exercise plan, when you choose to invest in quality inputs; your physical and mental performance benefit.

Invest wisely!

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