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Bringing out your best!

Working with a Mindologist

Mindset & Behaviour Therapists, Trainers and Coaches

The concept and capabilities of a Mindologist is so new, even our clients struggle to describe us. We're here to get the best out of you.

Is this you?


1. You're not quite reaching your full potential.


The performance levels you expect of yourself are not always materialising. Maybe from time to time you reach a high point but you don't trust it will stay. You know you could be better somehow. You know you have all the skills, you've bagged all the knowledge and continue to learn and practice but when it counts - something goes wrong and it doesn't quite work out how you hoped. 


2. You're often questioning yourself.


You feel like you're constantly not meeting your own expectations and are a bundle of mixed emotions causing you frustration, anxiety, dis-belief and doubt.

3. You believe someone must be able to help, but have no idea who.


You've thought about a shrink and even considered a therapist and alternative remedies, but really don't want to waste your time and money


Regardless of how you describe us; if you're stuck in your own head and can't get out of your own way to consistently succeed, then you need a professional to show you how and to guide you through to better results.

'Mind; the complex of faculties involved in perceiving, remembering, considering, evaluating and deciding, which identified through the sensations of perception, emotion, memory desire, reasoning motives and choice.' Britannica

'Ology; a suffix, a scientific study of a particular subject.' Oxford Dictionary

'Mindology; is the scientific study of the functions, processes and operations of the mind.

As Mindologist's our role is to go much deeper than an active listening approach to client support. It is our job to find the hidden, unleash the lost and rewrite the programmes that govern how people think, feel and behave.


We have skills and experience that enable us to listen beyond what our ears hear and to tap into a clients' energy, deep rooted psyche and effectively analyse their internal belief systems to work synchronistically  with their sub-conscious mind.


The tools, techniques and interventions we apply are not new - it's the unique blend of them, when applied to each individual or team that is new.


Our Mindologists are trained in a variety of mind and quantum learning fields including;  psychology, behaviourist and alternative therapies including:

Neuro Linguistic Programming         Psychology

Behaviourism                                      Clinical Hypnotherapy

Acupressure                                        Aromatherapy 

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy           Art Therapy 

Reiki                                                     Nutrition

Our Mindologists run their own Private Practice and have their own independent insurance above and beyond our business insurances. Each is required to demonstrate a minimum of 10 years Strategic Business Experience and must complete a five-day induction programme to join our network. All Mindologists are required to attend four learning and supervision days each year, whilst still maintaining their own unique personal development path.

Some of our Mindologists have a pure business specialism, whilst others have built a track record working in the sports arena; all can offer you references on request. 

A Brief History of Psychology, Behaviourism and Guided Self-help

Whilst there's been a rapid development over the last three decades in self-help and professional support, such as psychoanalysts and counsellors, these have tended to be problem or issue based only - to fix a problem. We firmly believe that your mind aka mental health is something to maintain and proactively support, not just fix.

We're now way beyond the theories of Freud and engage greater laws of quantum physics and behaviourists  including Bandler, Wiseman, Dispenza, Haidt, Peter's, Watts and Chodron.

Never before has Mental Health been so under the spotlight, yet it is still one of the most under-invested areas of human functioning for improved well being and behaviour.  We believe this is mostly due to the confusion about what is and is not Mental Health and often the negative connotation the term mental health  instills in people.


We do NOT view the mind or mental health as a negative area to be fixed. We view mental health and your mind as a positive organ to train and maintain - like any other living organ in your body.


The fear that surrounds the idea of mental health or ask for help to support and strengthen it for your own mental well-being, is one of the fastest growing fears of modern day life - time has changed.


We SHOULD NOT brush issues under the carpet, we SHOULD NOT have to put on a brave face. We CAN ask for help from others that understand how to get this complex and dare we say often daft organ of ours to operate at it's ultimate best! 

It's always your choice, you either believe in the power of professionals and understand the benefit of working with them or you don't. 

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