Stella Griffiths-Round Mindologist



Commercial Director

Stella heads up our commercial division and takes great care of all of our business and corporate relationships.

With a career built on developing sales professionals and building high performing teams, Stella delivers with insight to strike the balance between targets, performance and motivation.

Her service delivery excellence is noted through her speaking and judging seats in the Sales industry and noteworthy through her efforts in equality and diversity.

As a Mindologist in her private practice she has been delivering highly effective behavioural and development support for over 10 years, specialising on career growth and progression.

Dr Zoë


CEO and Founder


Responsible for managing and developing the Mindologists offer Zoe adds flair, innovation and simplicity to how we behave, grow and strengthen as humans both at work and in our personal lives. 


After chalking up over 21 years driving impactful positive behavioural change in the workplace, Zoë started to grow a dedicated network of likeminded and pragmatic practitioners she called Mindologists. 

As a Mindologist she works strategically with company Boards and tactically with their leaders and workforce to drive impactful and meaningful change to 'how we do things around here'. In her private practice she works intuitively and sensitively with both ends of the mental health spectrum.

Dr Zoë Douglas-Judson

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