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Our Team

Big Experience. High Impact

Dr Zoe Douglas-Judson Mindologists

Dr Zoë


CEO and Founder


Responsible for managing and developing the Mindologists brand, services and innovative support products.


Zoë adds flair, innovation and simplicity to how we learn, develop, strengthen and grow as individuals. She is always seeking new and easily applied interventions to positively impact how we think, feel, behave and ultimately perform.


After chalking up over 21 years of impactful behavioural change in the workplace, Zoë started to grow a dedicated network of likeminded and pragmatic practitioners she called Mindologists. 

As a Master Mindologist she has created a hybrid mindset intervention system to enable others to deliver a full spectrum of support.


She works with incredible success with all that get to work with her. You will find Zoë on a golf course, at the side of any sporting arena and sitting strong in the boardroom.


As a committed researcher she remains focussed on continually developing and improving how we become the best version of ourself. And, why, when things work perfectly in theory do they often fail us in practice.

Her passion for personal development and growth to help people live their best life is second-to-none and her range of interventions are simply mesmerising. 

Mike Winchester


CEng, MBA, IMMP, MiMechE

Commercial Director


Mike heads up our commercial division and takes great care of our business relationships and corporate partnerships.


He really is a ninja business-man.

With a career built on business growth and turnaround, Mike knows all his successes are achieved through his experience of people development and great leadership. 

With a Masters in Organisational Psychology, Mike continues to develop his professional armoury to deliver to ambitious individuals. 

His prominent corporate positions and high growth results keep Mike in great demand for our Business Execs and Owners. It doesn't stop there ... 

As a committed Mindologist, he avidly continues to develop his skill and knowledge base to make his impacts outside of the board-room, now growing his own client portfolio in Sports Psychology and Elite Performance.

Out of delivery mode Mike never stops! He's a high energy adrenaline junky, complete with his snazzy (and personally converted) VW Campervan to ensure he keeps business and leisure playing together.

Mike Winchester, CEng, MBA, IMMP, MiMech
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