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Need Urgent Help?

Traditional Mental Health Services and Organisations

Mental Health Support Services

Please see below for a list of services and organisations if you or someone you know is in immediate need of help and 

​If you are concerned about your current state of mind and emotional well-being and feel you have a growing or frequent mental health issue, you should always seek your GPs support and advice urgently.
If you are currently feeling in a state of distress and require urgent support you should go to your nearest A&E, if your GP is not available. 

Dr. Zoë DJ is a registered therapist providing an alternative approach to dealing with internal struggles. She specialises in persistent internal and emotional issues with a strong focus on preventing, reducing and neutralising circumstantial mental health problems. She does not provide emergency services or replace the need to consult with your GP or Mental Health team. 

Here are are list of traditional service organisations that offer help and provide support to those suffering from immediate and urgent mental health issues. 

The Supporters of Sufferers in Mental Health FREE Training

We didn't choose to become supporters; we were chosen by those we love suffering internally.

Keep everyone you respect and love safe; including yourself. This is our flag flying service for impacting and improving the Mental Wealth of every single person in the world.

What we've discovered through our private practice over the last decade, is the lack of knowledge, understanding and 'know-how' of the supporters of those suffering mentally and emotionally. The wrong approach or the use of trigger words, all from a lack of knowing, can cause more harm - when only really meant with love!


Together we MUST and we WILL change that, which is why we have developed this one day certified training completely FREE of charge.


No one should be guessing how to help; it's simply unfair to everyone and quite frankly 'harmful'. We will develop you into 'practical psychologists and healers' jargon free and incredibly effective.

This is available to any organisation that knows its people and their people will benefit.


Don't risk suffering as a supporter!

This training is suitable for any organisation of any size.

Any individual over 16 who would like to learn how to more effectively support someone suffering internally.

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