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When you can't get out of your own way ... 

Strengthening Mindsets to Better Impact Performance.

"Success is not final; failure is not fatal.

It is the courage to continue that counts."

- Winston Churchill 

High Profile & Sport Performance

You do it all fine in practice.

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'To have any doubt in your body is the biggest weakness an athlete can have'


Shawn Johnson 

You can't separate yourself from yourself.

Business Performance


'If you think you can or you think you can't; you're right'


Henry Ford

What is a Mindologist? 

Specialists in Mindset Growth to Unlock Potential & Improve Performance.

Mindologists really are the geeks of people thinking, feeling, behaviour and mindset transformation.


We deliver on the whole spectrum of mindset shifts from severe negative thoughts in our private practices, to confident elite high performing ones in the sport arena, on the stage and the boardroom. We help you Conquer Your Mind to perform your ultimate best.

How we deliver impacts

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Business Owners

Are you ready for more?

Let's do this ...

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I don't just talk the talk, I have the results to show the real power of a conquered mind.

We have experience with Elite Sport Athletes in Golf, Football, Gymnastics, Cricket, Muay Thai and High Profile Clients in £Multi-million Businesses Owners from various sectors including Trading, Financial Services, Tech and more.

Make today the day 

Change your mindset; change your results.


What you put in, you get out and that starts with your beliefs and thinking habits!


Working with a Mindologists is an education and part of your journey to be all that you can be. We will teach you all about yourself, what stops you and what genuinely drives you; whilst helping you clear pathways and learn techniques to always keep your pathway clear.


Our kit-bag is so full of tools, techniques and interventions you will learn mind tricks and physiological tips to keep you focussed and present, just when you need it - to give you the best chance of consistently performing at your best.  


We will show you how you get in your own way and how to get out of it.


95% of our behaviours are controlled by our unconscious mind - so it's time now for you to break some hidden habits & beliefs. 

We deliver the what, the why and the how of your performance, by working with you and learning 'all about you'. By observing your whole-self we gather facts about your thoughts, habits and and hidden belief systems to build a unique blue-print of how your internal operating system works.


You can expect an instant shift and with practice, growth and improvement in your overall performance and results. 

"People fascinate me and I love to bring the best out of everyone. When you really understand how you operate as a whole system being; through your psychological, physiological and physical self - you really start to buy in to the value and benefit of upgrading. This fascination is why I've created some of the most inspiring, creative and pioneering support frameworks seen in this modern world, often blending many new, old and ancient techniques.


With a growing network of likeminded Mindologists we are now reaching more people, teams and companies than ever. It's time for change. It's time to support people in a way they've never been supported before." 


Dr. Zoë Douglas-Judson, CEO and Founder of Mindologists.

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