Conquer Your Mind

A Pioneering Outsourced

Mental Health at Work Support Service.

Successful delivery across multiple industries with proven results.

What is a Mindologist? 

Taking Responsibility for Mental Health.

Mindologists really are the geeks of people thinking, behaviour and mindset transformation.


We deliver on the whole spectrum of Mental Health from shifting severe negative mindsets in our private practices, to enabling and developing high performing ones, individually and in large numbers, through our outsourced support service.

Current Activities and Impacts

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Bringing real experience from a wealth of backgrounds ...

Automotive, FMCG, Financial Services, Retail, Professional Services, Legal, Pharma, Public Sector, SMEs, Start-Ups, FinTech, Engineering, Insurance, Education, Utilities, Sports - Golf and Football.

Mindset & Performance 

Mindologists flip mental health on its head; so you don't have to. 

What you put in, you get out.


Mindologists' allow you to stay focussed on what you do best; as an organisation, a business leader or high performing sports star.  Investing in the mental health of your business and performance has never been more in focus.

Learning how to conquer your mind, individually or as an organisation, is a real game changer for performance and hits presenteeism head-on, showing value like never before. 

"People fascinate me. When you really understand mental health and how people think and perform, you really start to see the value and benefit in strong support systems, which is why we've created a pioneering Outsourced Mental Health framework for organisations". 

Dr. Zoë Douglas-Judson, CEO and Founder of Mindologists.

Change your mindset; change your performance. Stop talking and start doing right now.

Outsourced Mental Health Service

A Pioneering Outsourced

Mental Health at Work Support Service 

FREE Mental Health Training

The SOS Code™ because everyone should know how to

support someone suffering.

Coaching for Performance 

Develop your inner mindset for ultimate business and sports performance

Ducks Over the Lake

The SOS  Code™ 

Are you SUPPORTING someone suffering with mental health issues?

We're on a mission to find all the lost, hidden, dampened, stolen sparkles across the world!

We believe that TOGETHER WE CAN.

Mental health and suicide has never before needed such focus and support - the system is broken, the world is struggling and we need to collectively step-up like never before. 


We aim to TRAIN every person in the world with the skills and knowledge they need to support someone suffering with their mental health.

The SOS (Supporters of Sufferers) Code™ is a FREE Training Certificate available to everyone, worldwide.

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