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F. E. A. R.

Thought this image was in keeping with the current situation we find ourselves.

I was told recently that the end of something was happening and a date had been set. I read and reread the email and let the news sink in. I made a note in the calendar and began to panic. FEAR set in and my bravery was questioned. What if's were whirling round my head over and over and I thought no not now, not in the current situation, what am I going to do?

And then I remembered why I was feeling the way I was feeling. I was repeating my natural response to change, this has kept me from realising my own potential for years. Hold on, I've dealt with this, wasn't that the purpose of all the coaching, mentoring sessions and general self help books, to help me manage situations just like this one.

Well of course that was the purpose. Instead of staying in my FEAR valley I remembered my strategy and chose to embrace my FEAR. Face Every Action Right away. Appreciate my human response and utilise all my years of personal discovery to manage myself through this situation. First action, checked in with my coach and realised I had all the resources I needed to set myself straight. Whatever is next will be just right. Now for the plan and next steps.

The point of my story? Be careful not to forget what you've learnt about yourself and give yourself a break. We all respond according to the circumstances we face and using FEAR to help is just one strategy that you can create for yourself.

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