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Who's responsible for Mental Health at work and university?

95 student suicides 2016-17 ... who's responsible for the Mental Health support? Universities (internal) or Professional (NHS, Others - external) support services?

The Universities Minister says it's the role of the institution, others claim the universities role is eduction not specialist mental health ... what do you think?

This is a wide problem area and not just for universities. Imagine this as in your workplace too - who's responsible?

What's your boundaries or levels of responsibility within your organisation for the people you impact? Are organisation's at risk of trying to be what they're not 'specialist mental health'? Or should they take full responsibility and provide support?

The article also raises important rising issues around the language of mental health too ... is it all wellness, mental health or a blend of prevention and intervention (cure)? Does this simply depend on their level of responsibility perhaps?


Kindest DJ

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