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The SOS Shed - A vision for a suicide prevention centre

This concept has been a long time in the making and we're continuing to make real progress.

For years now I have been passionate about behaviour change, development and improvement – many seemingly discuss this now as ‘mental health’. My role in this field is often known as a therapist or life coach, but i have always seen my work as deeper than that – more akin to an alternative or holistic therapist.

There are significant number of studies done on the approaches to support behaviour change, help or healing, none are better expressed than through the book titled 59 Seconds. In this books it describes the limitations and even pitfalls of ‘talking and listening’ based support, it is on this basis and through direct experience that I have always been an advocate of ‘action-orientated’ approaches to change.

In 20 years of service to organisations, leaders and their employees I have been engaged in some very high profile and wide-spread ‘change programmes. My own PhD was based entirely on ‘change’ and how we influence, control and implement it.

The Shed is not excluded from those 20 years of practice, research and thought – in fact it’s probably the baby of it.

I’d welcome your support, this may be a kind word, it maybe to offer your services to those in need – it maybe to donate time, advice or ‘stuff’ to kit it out. Whatever it is, know it’s humbly received and very much welcomed – I need as much support as I can muster … together we can raise ‘prevention over cure’ for those who find themselves a little lost, broken or simply out of sorts; no matter why … it’s how we help that’s going to count.

Kindest DJxx

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